The 40th Anniversary of Hong Kong Seigokan (2007) was a remarkable step and memory to all Seigokan Worldwide Family.
Seigokan will remains and grow up in Honor to Seigo Tada Hanshi (1922-1997), not only in Hong Kong, but all over the World.
With the closing of Geocities Website, we are debuting this new Weebly Website of Hong Kong Seigokan Headquarters.
Enjoy it.
To follow the news of Hong Kong Seigokan, access HERE (這裡).

The Hong Kong Seigokan Headquarters Head Director

Bill Mok (7th Dan)
11/25/2010 10:07:32 am

Hello, guy, this is useful bolg, lovely 10-11-26 days.

11/26/2010 02:26:27 pm

That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.*

12/10/2010 09:53:54 am

The supreme purpose of life is to seek and create beauty of the living world.

3/7/2011 04:43:25 pm

you can find what you want to in here,make your life full of color ,it's a perfect website.


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